#24 – Take a painting class.

Tonight I spent 3 hours at an easel. Pure therapy.

I was bummed when Stephie couldn’t go to Pints and Paints with me because I had been looking forward to it for about a week. But when it came down to it, I just knew it was something that I needed (especially mid-training week). I love where I work because they care so much about the development of their employees… even personally! So when I heard my superiors urging me to not forget to take time for myself, I knew what task I was going to complete this week.

Because what is more soothing than painting?


And painting Sanford Studium for that matter. 1. Relaxation. 2. Deep thought. 3. Craftiness. 4. A heightened excitement for football season. A great evening with myself. Something that I don’t do or appreciate often enough.

I love this list…

In other news, I love my fellow GRs. We had so much fun on our retreat and even did a little spontaneous hike together. Just because we already love one another. 🙂 14 amazing individuals that are just that… individual. We are all so different but that amazing thing is that I have also found something in common with every single one of them. I’m so so excited to work alongside this team in the upcoming year. Good things on the horizon.

And I’m currently watching Will play guitar via Facetime. I’m blogging. He’s being musical. And its just nice to be together… ish. Technology is amazing.

But so is time intentionally spent alone. No phone. No nothing. Just some paint.

What do you think?

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