#38 – Complete 10 random acts of kindness. 1/10

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

One of those days when everything was going my way. The question I was afraid to ask for fear of an answer I wouldn’t like… answered 10 times better than expected. When I was going to the store for 3 of one thing… and I got the last 3 on the shelf. Jimmy Johns. Pickles. And crafts. 3 CRAFTS IN ONE DAY!! It was heavenly.

So I decided it was the perfect day to do my first random act of kindness. In my opinion, random acts of kindness are secret missions. Doing something completely for the satisfaction of others but not sticking around to see the results or receive a “thank you”. It’s about giving. And here’s how it went down…


I left this note along with a $4 gift card at Jittery Joe’s. And it RHYMED! Bonus points! Haha. Actually that was completely unintentional but it did make for a cute little poem. I explained to the barista my plan and he was so cool and supportive. He even offered me a coffee for my “generosity”. (See! Being kind gets you a long way, people!) Then I ducked out of there before the next person could reach the counter. I actually saw a guy making his way over to the counter to make his order. I like the fact that I got to see who I was blessing… but my identify was still a secret.

So it was just the happiest little day! Kindness is so underrated… we need more of it!! And I have 9 more acts to go! Woohoo! I would even argue that this little act of kindness meant more to me than it did to the person who received it. Selfishly, I’m okay with it.

Because I think we both won yesterday 🙂

What do you think?

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