I promised a Winshape weekend recap…

… so here it goes.

I guess the weekend really began Thursday night. Tyler came to my house. Or maybe I should say Tyler came home… since we are siblings after all. The whole time he referred to my mom as “mom”, pretended he had his own room, and basically did all the things a good brother should (feeding the animals, visiting the grandparents, annoying me in general (just kidding… but really :)). He’s got this fake brother thing down. I think my favorite part of a having a fake brother was dressing him up as a cow for Cow Appreciation Day at Chicfila. Our goal was 3 for 3 on free Chicfila… we got 2 out of 3 (not bad at all). Here’s the costume evolution…

Image  Image

Not going to lie, the black tulle on a handband as ears was my idea. Not the best. But we ended up being darn cute cows!! Although there’s no picture, I was wearing a bandana. True country chic. Presh.

And then the adventure really began! Winshape bound!!!! I had never seen closing from the parent perspective but it was really really cool. It took about everything in me not to jump up and down screaming when the Cheyenne’s did their man cheer, but I held it together. And then when it was done I was able to hug the necks of some very dear friends and some super great campers. It was the best homecoming EVER! And it was also great because only a few people knew I was making the trip up there, so the surprised faces and giggles and squeals MADE. MY. DAY.

After lunch, Tyler and I went to downtown Rome to walk around until our women (Amy and Fenn) were done with work and able to play. Amy came and met us at Swift & Finch (a super beautiful coffee shop that just stole my heart… I went there 4 times in 24 hours) and we played Logos Quiz (yes, we are that lame) and looked at my new favorite magazine, Garden & Gun. That magazine literally had my dreams inside of it… rustic homes, gorgeous landscapes, and dogs. Beautiful dogs. Like this guy…


I showed Will this picture and I think he had a heart attack. Melts your heart, huh?

After a few hours of lazying around the coffee shop, Tyler, Amy, and I went back to camp and grabbed Fenn (along with the majority of the Cherokee tribe) and went to a yummo dinner at Bella Roma! The plan was to then go to the Rome Braves game. But no one was feeling it. So we went back to Swift & Finch instead and spent hours chatting and playing Banana-grams over delish coffee. This is when Fenn and Abby and I had our super amazing talk about contentment with where we are and obedience to where the Lord is taking you. I think, like most things in life, our conclusion came to the fact that this whole life is about balance. Balance of our wants and comfort with what God is calling us to step out boldly and do… even when that’s the scarier choice. Beautiful words. Beautiful women of God. It was just what my heart needed.

Fenn and I stayed up until 2am catching up. We haven’t had much chat time all summer. I think I prefer the in person catch-ups better anyway! But we talked about anything and everything. Giggled like little girls, cried like babies, and just genuinely had the sweetest heart to heart. That’s what best friends are for, right?

Saturday there was more coffee-shopping, more life chats, and more Chicfila. Haha. The epitome of a fabulous day.

Then Tyler and I headed home and guess what?? More fabulous conversations ensued! The car ride home was awesome. Frosty’s and future talk. A great way to wrap up the weekend.

Now I’m only 2 days away with being done with teaching ESY… oh, the bittersweetness! I really am going to miss my kiddos, but I’m so so so excited about this next chapter of life. Especially since I moved into my new apartment yesterday!!!! I have my own kitchen, my own bathroom, my own living room, my own desk, and my own huge closet! This is a very big step in the adult-life direction. SO. PUMPED! Once I get it all decorated to my liking I might post some photos. Until then, come visit!

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