Home is where the heart is.

Lucky for me, this means that I have many beautiful homes!

I spent the first half of my vacation week in good ol’ McDonough with my family. It really was just so nice to have no real plans, except for the Fourth of July when we went to the lake (which was no plan to complain about!). I ran errands, did grown up things (like the oil change and emissions on my car), and then mom and I went on an impromptu shopping spree. SO. MUCH. FUN. We were out by the pool and it got cloudy, and within 20 minutes we had decided that we should stop talking about all the things we wanted to buy for my new kitchen (yay!) and go buy them! So we did… Dad was proud haha. And we had a nice family dinner at Panera… our fave šŸ™‚ Then the next day was all about family time at the lake. Always a fun time, and my daddy was the grill-man! Woohoo! Haha. It was a great trip home. To home #1.Image

Then off to home #2. Thomasville, Ga. I am just in love with that place… and that person in that place. It was such a super fun weekend. While Will was at work on Friday, I was such a townie. I had a lot of school things to get done so I parked in the best little coffeeshop (GrassRoots) and then popped over to the best little bookstore (The Bookshelf) and found the best little cupcakery (Lucy & Leo’s) which all came together as an excellent morning in town.


Then on Saturday (surprise day!) we went on an adventure!!! I finally got to see the beauty that is Pebble Hill Plantation… and boy did it live up to its reputation and then some. I love doing tourist-y things in a town I already know, so it was a ton of fun and so interesting to learn some local history! The pictures don’t even do the house justice (in beauty or in size), but here’s one of my favorites from the day.

And did I mention it was the perfect day weather-wise for a picnic? Because it was. And we did. Of course a trip to Thomasville has to be finished up with some Jonah’s! So we ate a yummy lunch on Will’s lunch break Monday and then I headed to home #1 again to drop off some corn (a lot of really delicious corn, actually)… and then made my journey back to home #3.

Athens. Only 5 more days of teaching. 6 more assignments to complete. And less than a week until I move into my new apartment. Where has the summer gone?! Being in Athens with Steph has been so fun though. I’m glad my roomie is back! We’ve had all sorts of adventures today… impromptu dress shopping, braving the storm for some dessert (naturally), and moving furniture all by ourselves. The adventures just never end. 3 solid homes… and headed to the #4 home on Friday. Winshape for the weekend šŸ™‚ Yay!

Ps. I meant to do something on my list this weekend, but in the midst of all the fun… I forgot. BUT I did do #40 (Write someone a song). However, it wasn’t the depth of song I had intended. So I’ll write another. But just so you know, #40 has been done once… and it was darn cute. šŸ™‚

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