Colorado Adventures!

As I am writing this, I’m watching the most beautiful Colorado sunset there ever was. Breathtaking. And if I could only describe this place in one word, that would be the one!


I arrived here on Friday and immediately fell in love with the openness of the land. Being from the South, I’ve seen a good bit of land in my time. But never in my life have I been able to see so much of it at once! From where I’m sitting now (on Megan’s back porch) I can see Pike’s Peak, which is the tallest peak in Colorado Springs at 14110 ft above sea level. If it weren’t for the Waldo Canyon fires (which have truly been tragic here) I would have loved to have said that I hiked a 14-er. Hah! One day maybe I will.

Even with the fires though, which are thankfully at about 55% containment now, we have had so many fun adventures!!

  • Adventure #1 – I finally met Jon Jon and the Fox-y familiy! It has been such a pleasure to visit Colorado not just for any reason but because my sweet friend Megan is getting married in a month (and sadly I can’t make it because of school). But her family has been so gracious and sweet to welcome me into their home, and now I’m even more excited than before that Meggers will be a Wesolowski soon!!
  • Adventure #2 – Megan and I went to Focus on the Family, which is the group that does Adventures in Odyssey. Remember the cassette tapes that came with Chic-fil-a meals way back when? Yep, that’s where they come from. We slid down a 3-story slide and were amongst about a gazillion small children… It was a blast.
  • Adventure #3 – On Saturday, we went to Denver with the Fox sisters to shop and see the city. Denver is such a cool place. With the architecture, the 16th Street outdoor mall, and the really cool loft apartments, I was thoroughly entertained. Plus, we listened to Call Me Maybe about 1000 times and it was pure roadtrip bliss. (Ps… You should watch this YouTube video. Kinda hilarious/ ridiculous.
  • Adventure #4 – Megan and Jon Jon got the keys to their new home in downtown Co. Springs which is PRESH. So we went and played House Hunters and talked about all the fun renovations and decorating adventures they will get to have as newlyweds. And they have a super awesome outdoor fireplace… I’m a little jealous.
  • Adventure #5 – We went to the Garden of the Gods, which I could’ve spent days in. We hiked around a bit and got to see the Kissing Camels and Balanced Rock, both very cool natural rock formations. I was hoping it would be a National Park… but it is a National Natural Landmark. Does that count?!
  • Adventure #6 – Then we went to Manitou Springs. It was such a cool little mountain town and I got to see the Incline at Pikes Peak (which I’d like to climb one day!) and drink from the spring water! This is one of the springs called Navajo Spring. It’s mineral water so it tasted like soda water. Jon Jon is going to make lemonade for their wedding out of it!

Of course, these weren’t ALL the adventures… just some highlights. But its really been a great trip. Tomorrow morning I’ll get up to watch the sunrise and then hop on a plane back to Atlanta. Crazy! Maybe I’ll make another friend on the plane! On my way here I met the coolest 13 year old girl names Lily. She was flying alone and so was I, so we became good friends.

I have loved my time in Colorado with Megan and definitely plan to come back. Definitely. So long, Colorado! See you soon, I hope!

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