Today is a revival…

… of the blogging. 🙂 So I’ve been encouraged to start a blog, I have Steve Moakler music blaring in my head, and I just had one of the most fantastic weekends ever… All signs point to START BLOG NOW! It just fits. So here we go!

I’ve never been a good blogger. In fact, I have started many and kept up with them for about a week or so and then forgotten about them or gotten bored or had nothing to say, so I gave up. But not this time! No sir! I think I’m ready to commit to a URL of my very own and get this show on the road.

This upcoming year is going to be a big one. I have just started grad school at UGA and by the springtime I will be lining up my very first, for real, full time, big girl job in a school system. I hope. AH! So needless to say, I think that a lot will happen in the next 12 months and I want to not only be able to look back on it myself and smile, but I also want to invite my close friends and whoever else may be interested to go on this journey with me and see where life goes.

A few of my besties (shout-out!) have created these awesome lists of 101 things they would like to do in the next 1001 days. All along I’ve been secretly dying to write my list but taking no action on it. So the list begins today… Well the writing of the list. The actual action taking will start once the list has its 101 tasks to do. But keep an eye out… Coming Soon!

As for what my life looks like today, I actually had a rather adventurous weekend. Friday I went to the CFA Home Office to work with some of my dear friends from Winshape Camps and dream up new ideas on how to get quality, Jesus-lovin’, fun-havin’ staffers. If you fit that description, you should go ahead and start praying about filling out the application (it goes live August 15th at 🙂 Then I went tubing with my lovely youth group from Classic City Community Church in Helen, Ga on Saturday. Loads of fun. And it even rained which was hilarious but we were already wet so no one cared! And then today Will and I had a brunch date at The Mayflower (my new favorite Athens breakfast joint) and went hiking at Sandy Creek Park. Such a beautiful day just being together in God’s creation. A true form of worship. 

This was our view from the hammock we hung at our halfway point/ rest time.


Now it’s time to work on my lit review for grad school (and boy do I need to DO WERK!) and then create my fun list of 101 things to do in the next 3-ish years.

Ready… set… here we go!


What do you think?

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